Recruiting for the position of Project Manager

Recruiting for the position of Project Manager
Work Place Ha noi
Rank University graduate or higher
Format Manage, operate, arrange, arrange personnel...
Certificate Minimum requirements to have a practicing certificate
Experience Over 5 years of experience in the same position
Salary range Nego
Career One of the majors: design, construction, architecture
Date for submission

The project director is the person who organizes and manages the project, ensures the completion of the set criteria and plans, thereby bringing values ​​and benefits to the organization.

Job description:

  • Participate in setting goals, plans to implement the quality objectives of the construction engineering department, control materials, report the progress done periodically or when there is an unexpected request of the General Director.
  • Advise the General Director in establishing organizational structure; identify processes and interactions of processes in the assigned part.
  • Support the General Director to analyze the needs and expectations of customers for the Company.
  • Preside over meetings in the Company as assigned by the General Director.
  • Proposing corrective and preventive activities to eliminate the cause of the system’s nonconformity.
  • Responsible to the General Director of the company on the results of management and management of subordinate units assigned (according to the organizational structure of the company).
  • Perform additional tasks arising in the process of business operations of the company.
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